Melody Station

by Sallys Home

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Sallys Home is:

Ricardo Dariva - Vocals and Guitar
Bio Castel - Bass and backing vocals
Danilo Braga - Guitar and backing vocals
Evandro Salmeirão - Drums


released April 7, 2015

Sallys Home - Melody Station
Label: Oba! Records and Motim Records
Year: 2015

All songs recorded and Produced by Alexandre Chapola e mastered by Paulo Anhaia. Recorded between december of 2014 and februrary of 2015. Artwork: Evandro Salmeirão



all rights reserved


Motim Records Valinhos, Brazil

Independent record label

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Track Name: Melody seems like noise
(letra: Ricardo - Música: Sallys Home)

Life's not a blockbuster
I didn't win at the lottery
We never know how its gonna end
I'm an actor in the real life.

If i turn off the lights and go to a party
Would i feel like them?

If I work more I'll get crazy,
If I don't work I'll get troubles,
If I have cash I don't have time,
Why dowe live with all these rules?

Melody seems like noise
Track Name: We never walk alone
(letra: Ricardo - Música: Sallys Home)

This poisonous world scares us
We sit down and watch the today's news

New times and changes
And we often thought we could face it all alone

Move as fast as we can, move on move on

We dance like an awaken heart
Just think how worse it would be
If we didn't have anyone to share this drink tonight
And the empty days

We'are never never walking alone

Move as fast as we can, move on move on

A red checked t-shirt, and I found you there.
You are summer, I'm winter, but both have stars.

We dance like an awaken heart
Just think how worse it would be
If we didn't have each other to share this drink tonight
And the empty days
Track Name: Rowing to Survive
(letra: Ricardo - Música: Sallys Home)

Sometimes everyone needs to escape from this place
Its like having a war inside your head
but for 30 minutes forgetting everything

"Why are you still doing it?"
Because rock and roll is about insatisfaction
It's much more than entertainment

Rowing to survive

I've walked many miles, I got many smiles
But baby I swear I'll be back
We are rowing to survive
Track Name: Hello
(letra: Ricardo - Música: Sallys Home)

I proclaimed the end again.
I Know, i did it a bunch of fucking times.
But now, i choose to pay the price, and get another try,
on the hardest way i've ever known.

I adore the chaos, so why am i scared?
Almost two weeks, but it seems like years.

Home, please not today.
Hearts are beating, faster again.

"Family Stickers", "Hard to Explain".
So fucking speechless, i want it so much...
I always come back on my decisions.
And now i know, how good it were...

Easier for you, let it roll.
Maybe one day you're gonna understand.

Home, please not today.
Hearts are beating, faster again.

Could we feel that taste tonight? One more time...
Track Name: Don't follow them
(letra: Ricardo - Música: Sallys Home)

Can you see?
The messages beyond the wall
Or are you complaining
'bout the things that the others don't do

First of all people need to change themselves
Easier to proclaim when you never felt
Complications that are everywhere

Don't follow them (don't follow them)

There's a light on the streets and it's calling your name
There's a fight on the streets and it's calling your name
Don't follow them, don't follow them, wherever you go go

"this is your life and it's ending one minute at a time"
Track Name: Like a grey monday
(letra: Ricardo - Música: Sallys Home)

Just a fool, with and empty dream
trying to buy a brand new hope today
each beginning seems like days that all the things are wrong
time is now, fuck the world!

you are afraid 'cause you don't know how to get up
you are afraid, if you don't have the risk of fall, you can't go on.

to overcome destruction
look for a smile in a place that you feel like home
people get jobs that they make hate themselfes
succes is so relative
Track Name: Rebel Burger
(letra: Ricardo - Música: Sallys Home)

World cup or protest?
Right wing or left wing?
Two sides in a country, they are both fucked up

uoo rebel burguer generation
Track Name: Almost
(letra: Ricardo - Música: Sallys Home)

Will one more try on this way be enough?
What's going on? with all those things that we got tired
To see and feel, we are so closer now
But we don't know, the magic to reveal it

Just one more time, just one more try just one

Then someday there will be no almost

20 and in ideas we don't care
Hate those red lights that make me stop
When i'm running as fast as I can
"let's sing the sorrow", we always want more and more

Just one more try just one more try just one
Track Name: Summer Shit
(letra: Ricardo - Música: Sallys Home)

nightmare, or some self destruction
fucked up, hopeful, hopeless..
whatever, fuck off

well, it's getting late,
it seems that nothing's gonna change
here again, it's the same old trouble.

"fight, against it tonight..or i'll turn off the phone and you of my life"

i'm just walking alone, but now i get a plan
i'll destroy everything that tries to stop me
i have no time to waste....
Sometimes i feel there's no way to go on...

i'm just walking alone and hope i'm doing it right
Track Name: Hope
(letra: Ricardo - Música: Sallys Home)

I usually felt good in days like this
When the sky was grey and the cold wind blew on us
To be true, its happening again and again

We get to many plans that we still don't realize
But that feeling that not everyone tries makes me feel better

It seems like a sign with the word "hope"
When we are disapointed
Maybe it should be like this

They say 'you only live once'
So do we need to make a big difference here?
Or are we just spending life?

We get many things to conquer, but
Most of the days are just to be lived